Real Fasting for Navratri

Real fasting for purification of soul is:  
How many of you are willing to try this with me?
 1st Day - I will be in peace today ( no anger no irritation no raising voice ) 
 2nd Day - I will gain some knowledge today ( it can be a new dish / learn to sing / dance or read something new or try some podcast etc) 3rd Day - I will accept myself for who I am and for whom I am not ( self love - be kind to urself)  
4th Day - I will accept each and everyone as they are without judging or reacting to what they are not or what they don’t do. ( yes your kids didn’t do what u expect them to do . Your hubby left the wet towel on the bed again , your mom in law blah blah blah or your client didn’t revert back on his enquiry) 5th Day - I will look for positive qualities in at least 10 people today 
 6th Day - I will do something for myself that makes me happy ( put a nail paint/ lip color / face pack . Do some shopping / plan my next trip / take that 10 mins more in bed/ or exercise) 
7th Day - I will forgive myself for any 3 mistakes I made in the past and see what good came out of it
 8th Day - I will focus on my one strength and see how I can better it 
9th Day - I will offer Gratitude for all the things I have and all which I will get.  
10 - I will do some nishkaam Seva - selfless act of service ( can be tan man ya dhan ) either through your words thoughts actions or money *Happy Nav Ratri*



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