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Dum Dum Jinn

Once upon a time, a good-hearted king ruled over Paristan.

This king had six daughters, although Allah did not give him a son, yet he loved his daughters very much and cared a lot for them. That is why the king not only educated his daughters but also started teaching them all the martial arts like princes. 

He brought them up with love and trust. 

Everywhere in the Paristan, there was talk about the king and his brave daughters. 

Time was passing. The king was informed that a tyrant Jinn had entered Paristan, who took away the fairies and imprisoned them. Gradually such reports as well as the king's anxiety began to increase, so he summoned his ministers and royal magicians to the court.

 Among them was the royal astrologer and magician Alibaba. Alibaba had a magical satchel, which contained many magical objects, which from time to time helped Alibaba in various tasks.

 Using their magic one by one, all astrologers tried to find fairies but failed. Suddenly the royal astrologer and minister Alibaba opened his satchel and put his hand inside and took out the magic parrot. 

Everyone was amazed to see this parrot. Alibaba offered the parrot a beautiful apple to eat. The parrot enjoyed it and spoke, “Alibaba, ask what you want to ask.” Alibaba inquired about the fairies.

 After thinking for a while, the parrot said, “The Dum Dum Jinn has taken the fairies away, and very soon he will eat them. I can take you there, provided you do not imprison me again.” Alibaba promised. 

With the king's permission, Alibaba rode on horseback under the guidance of the parrot. Dark clouds suddenly surrounded Alibaba as soon as he left the boundaries of Paristan. Alibaba saw the parrot flying over his head with questioning eyes and the parrot replied that Dum Dum Jinn was aware of his arrival. Alibaba kept moving forward without fear.

 When the two reached near the black mountains, big black rocks began to roll. But the parrot told Alibaba not to worry, as Jinn could not harm him. Turning a corner, they both reached the entrance of a large cave. The parrot blew a loud whistle and the fairies inside knew that someone had come to save them. 

Ali Baba opened the door by reciting the mantra of Sim Sim. When it opened, all the fairies wrapped around Alibaba. Alibaba took out a Solomon rug from his satchel and covered the fairies with it, which caused them to disappear from sight.

 Suddenly, Dum Dum appeared yelling Adam Bo, Adam Bo. Alibaba asked Jinn in a threatening tone, “How dare you kidnap and imprison fairies?”, who laughed out loud and said, “Instead of trying to escape from here, these fairies start screaming with fear and dread, so I have a lot of fun, and then I eat them.” Saying this, Jinn attacked Ali Baba. 

Ali Baba beheaded him with a single blow of the sword. As soon as he died, all the clouds disappeared. Now the fairies were free.

 Ali Baba and all the fairies boarded the flying carriage and the flying carriage started towards the palace. 

All the fairies thanked Ali Baba and Ali Baba said, “Look, children, many jinns like Dum Dum Jinn will keep coming, but maybe every time Alibaba will come to the rescue, therefore we have to find a solution.” 

All the fairies were upset when they heard Ali Baba's words. Alibaba began to say, “Children! You must learn to protect yourselves, and try to save the lives of other children, instead of being afraid. Be brave by removing fear from your heart and mind.” Upon arriving at the palace, Alibaba released the magic parrot as promised, and reported the whole incident to the king. 

The royal fairies were also listening to all this. They requested the king to teach all the fairies of the Paristan to protect themselves. 

At the same time, the king issued a decree that in addition to reading and writing, all the fairies must be taught martial arts and defensive methods so that no one could harm them in the future. 

Royal fairies were enforcing this law in their authority. There was no end to the happiness of the fairies, now that every one of them was very strong, and there were peace and tranquility in their land too. They were sure that they would deal with anybody now.


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