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How do I fix SBCGlobal email not working in Outlook?

SBCGlobal is one of the most famous email service  used by millions of people globally . Nowadays  emails are a very important tool to  the professional world  . According to the modern world, emailing is one of the most traditional ways to communicate .  outlook is also a well known email service , but outlook even provides the plus point that is you can configure your other email accounts to it as well . The most common issue that people face is when their SBCGlobal email account does not work properly with outlook. There can be a few reasons for this issue , so here is list of them below:-

1)      SBCGlobal email login problem

2)      Unstable internet connection issue

3)      Incorrect password related issues

4)      Incorrect browser settings

5)      account got hacked issue

6)      interruption by anti-virus

7)      SBCGlobal servers are down and not responding.

8)      Previous version of browser

9)      Incorrect email settings in outlook

Troubleshooting steps to fix the issue “ email not working in outlook”. The first  step should be to add your account by  SBCGlobal email login to outlook ,  now to correct your outlook settings  follow the given steps :-

1)      In outlook click on file add account option , then choose manual setup then click on IMAP or POP.

2)      Now choose the type of account you want after entering your credentials correctly.

3)      If you chose IMAP account type then the correct setting would be in incoming mail server and for outgoing mail server.

4)      If you chose POP3 account type then the correct settings would be in the incoming mail server and for outgoing mail server.

5)      Now just enter you email address and security password in their respective fields.

 Steps to re-add your profile:-

1)      Click on file option, go to account settings , click on manage profile then click on remove. Now that's how you remove your earlier account.

2)      Now just type your credentials in their respective fields and then restart outlook.

 Steps to switch to google’s DNS:-

1)      Visit network by choosing the ‘network and sharing’ option.

2)      Click on ‘change adapter’ then in the properties option click on internet protocol version 4/(TCP/IPv4).

3)      Now the DNS server settings would be ‘’ in the field tagged as preferred and ‘’ in the field tagged as alternate.

4)      Select ok option and now you will not face issues with your SBCGLobal email account in outlook.

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