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Some Innovative Ideas about Candle Boxes

Many custom boxes are available in the market that you can use to market your candles and protect them from external and environmental factors. However, the chances of betterment remain there to reach top-notch packaging solutions and inspire more customers. In this case, the manufacturers have to work a lot to achieve such a solution that can admirably acceptable for the customers. Therefore, we need to guide the candle companies bout some exciting facts about candle boxes wholesale.

Using packaging for multiple shapes and sizes matters a lot when we are discussing candles because these are available in different sizes. Another important aspect in this regard is that candles are prepared to describe the mood of the situation. Furthermore, some of the candles are recommended by spiritual personalities. It means that candles are going to be a part of our lives for a long time.

Describing Candle Boxes In Detail:

Many boxes are available for the candles in the market according to your requirements of sizes and shapes. The difference where you can manipulate the market is to use the materials that are necessary for candle boxes wholesale. To address this issue, we are describing some of the materials here:

While talking about the materials, the best ones are cardstock and Kraft. The reason for recommending these materials is the sturdiness that these materials offer. In this way, you can lift the level of candle boxes more effectively. 

Furthermore, you cannot ignore the printing on these candle packaging boxes. The impact of printing can only be observed when you keep an eye on sales. You can add charm in printing by adding matte, gloss, or any other ad-on that suits your budget. These add-ons can decorate your candle boxes in such a way that you can grab the attention of your customers more effectively.

How to Select Candle Packaging Boxes?

Here, the manufacturers of candles need to focus. They should follow the following steps with full attention:

  • The packaging boxes should be according to the candles that you are producing.
  • To be creative, you also need to print some information about the products on these boxes.
  • Prefer die-cut boxes for candle boxes. The reason is the exposure that you provide to your customers. However, it is necessary to go for firm edges, otherwise, you will be compromising on the sturdiness that is essential to keep your product protected inside. Interlocking is also crucial in this regard.
  • Do not allow the packaging companies to go for shimmering methods when they are going for ad-on.
  • Your intention is also required when finishing is under process. The best practice in this regard is to ask for samples first.

Developing Understanding About Finishing Processes

Coating the candle boxes is what we say the finishing process. Recommending the coating is to ensure the attractiveness of your boxes. While talking about coating, the most popular options are: 

  • Gloss finishing
  • Matte finishing

The difference between both these options is that gloss finishing offers a short sparkle. In this way, the customers develop their opinion is that the box surface is fantastic, which confirms that the minds have been diverted. On the other hand, matte finishing makes the non-glossy surface a rough look, although the shiny finish is still there. When customers find this finishing, they develop their opinion that the product inside is the best refined.

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About Printing Processes Now

Ignoring printing means that you are keeping the value of marketing aside to sell candles in the competitive market. Therefore, we are discussing it separately here:

Types of Printing

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography
  • Vinyl banners

You can go for any one of these options with the consultation of your packaging firms. However, the boxes must be attractive and eye-catching after printing.

Designing Options

Mainly, candle packaging boxes need three things to include, although you can print your own boxes as well. These are boxes with die-cut windows, gluing to make the boxes suitable for candles, and perforation to make the packaging reliable. With that, adding some salient features is a right that candle manufacturers must use. However, it does not mean that all options are suitable. You can choose some of them accordingly to grab the attention of the customers. Some of the options are debossing, embossing, UV spot, die-cut window, dividers, holographic foiling, PVC sheets, hot stamping, and many others. Another important aspect is that customers can use these candles as a gift. It means that using custom gift boxes can also suit you to market your product as a gift for your customers’ loved ones.

Why Do We Recommend Stylish Candle Boxes?

Introducing yourself as a brand or keeping your existence prominent is necessary to remain in the market. Although many other marketing techniques are also available, packaging can bring a soothing impact on the minds of the customers, especially when they are standing among the same products of different brands. Therefore, we think that stylish candle boxes can help you take off towards success by boosting your sales and remaining relevant in the market.



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