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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Using SEO ?

I am sharing  best  tips you may find useful to get your LinkedIn Profile to show up in LinkedIn .


  1. Keywords - everyone has alluded to the power of keywords. Use keywords in a bio , as said, get into your target audience’s head and find out what keywords THEY use in their profile , when thinking of or looking for what you do or could do for them. Straighty use those keywords out in your LinkedIn Profile in proper  sentences. download linkedin video
  2. Focus - Make sure every area of your LinkedIn Profile uses the appropriate keywords in Profile . Minimize any content about your past, except where it is highly relevant to your audience and  your niche audience pinterest video downloader .
  3. Think - You need to use keyword in every area of your LinkedIn Profile and make sure each area includes keyword-rich content about who you are , what you do, and focused on your target  niche relevant audience.
  4. Write for the human not like Robot , Bot . Start write text for the like human, 
  5. Use your LinkedIn Profile URL everywhere. The more your  Profile URL is visible used across the internet, sometimes called back-links, the more it gets indexed by Google and potentially by LinkedIn as well. Note add your LinkedIn Profile in URL to your blog posts, article, contact  email signatures,  etc.
  6. So i am sharing all tips for linkedin aptimization  if you use these all tips i am make sure your profile is visible and you get skyrocket result , because SEO is a very important , if you use keywords in bio then your profile is more visible so make sure you use keywords in bio , name , description 

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Hey this is Anurag Pandey I am a Reverse Engineering Marketer and Growth Hacker Practitioner, I share  Tricks about how to Grow Linkedin and Instagram Profile Visit my Medium Blog Download Pinterest Video