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Making Money With Real Properties

Ways to get more rental values

We are always taught in school to study hard, land a good job, have a better salary and then become successful.  Yes, maybe if you have a salary, you will have money.  But did you know that you can also make more money by just sitting around your house, without requiring yourself to be present in a job? Yes! That is called money making out of passive income. 

One of the best passive incomes you could have is out your rentals from your real estate properties.

If you have an extra house which you think can no longer be used by your family, then have it rented. You will just receive monthly rentals without exerting much effort on your part.

Profiting from your property is worth learning.  Success may not happen overnight, and you have to learn from the experts.  You can also learn more from your mistakes and establish your tips at the right time. Have a look here https://fiskslondon.co.uk/ to know more:-

The first common way to make money from your property is the appreciation of your property.  That is, increasing its value when you sell it.

selling your property at the right time with much value on it. 

Get more rentals

Another way of making money from your property is to get more rental values.  When your property is being rented most of the time, you can just by sitting around your house, wait until you receive a payment from the rental.

Easy! But sometimes, property owners fail to get more rental values. Why? Let’s take a look at this!


One of the things that you need to consider when you have your property rented, or if you are planning to buy a property and have it rented is the location.  If you are in a strategic place, likely your property will get more rental value.  People will always consider your place even if the rent is higher than those far from the city.  Your property in a good location will attract potential renters and even developers. 


Home improvement can also spur rental values.  Putting an extra bathroom, a spacious garage, remodelling the kitchen with modern and state of the art appliances are some of the things that help your property get more rental values. 

Commercial properties

Commercial properties also gain more rental values.  They are more in demand than residential.  If your property is in the heart of the city, turn your property into a commercial one.  You may invest in commercial building and spaces for rents.  Have them neat and nice.  Surely, you’ll attract more business owners who will likely rent your property.

Whether your commercial or residential properties are rented, make sure that you find good quality tenants.  This will help you increase your rental value in the future because they too take care of your properties while they stay in your place.   You can find tips online on how to find good quality tenants for your property.  And also, make sure that you have an agreement with your tenant especially on maintenance matters.