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Why is Yahoo Not Working Right Now?

Yahoo is an American web service provider owned by Verizon media. It was one of the pioneers of the internet era in the 1990s. Yahoo! provides search engines, web portals, and many more related services.

Yahoo! Is one of the largest internet companies but started to decline slowly in the late 2000s. Despite the decline, yahoo is still among the top ten domain websites all over the world. Yahoo provides their clients the most comfortable and easy access to their website.

Even though some clients complain that their yahoo account does not work properly. Like most email clients, yahoo is not perfect. If you are having issues with yahoo mail on your mac or pc and suspect that your Yahoo mail is not working then there might be few reasons.

Let’s have a look at what these issues might be:

1. Slow speed,

2. Buttons and menus are not working,

3. yahoo mail is not able to connect to the server

4. Older version or outdated version

Hence, the above might issues are one of the few reasons that your yahoo mail is down or not responding properly. For resolving these issues, you can do a system check, speed test, and have a look if other websites also have the same issues or not. By doing these simple and easy things you have a clear idea of why Yahoo mail is down and other reasons that you might be suspecting, and resolve them easily.