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Create your shopping cart software with the best website store builder

There are various such platforms which guarantee great extent of profits if the user chose them over the others. But, these platforms keep it absolutely hidden that all features which are essentially important for any shopping cart software to have, are they providing. Platforms like Shopify do not offer provision to anyone to create or convert their stores into a multi vendor environment. Neither of the subscription plans offered by Shopify help overcome this constraint. 

Similar is the case with this next website store builder named WooCommerce which helps create the niche store but not the multivendor. Third party plugin which has to offer essential features at sky touching prices. There are plugins like YITH and Dokan which have to offer a majority of API integration endpoints and paid plugins in the elite packages. 

The question arises that, “Isn’t there any all round website store builder that could let any one who wishes to create their shopping cart software at economical cost and leverage the full extensibility of the platform to create anything that could yield more profit?”. Definitely there is one such platform named Sellacious. 

Sellacious is a dynamic website store builder that understands the need of the hour and has itself emerged from the recurring requirements of the store builders. Sellacious also offers the freemium version to let one get their hand on the tool. The freemium itself has to provide more than 5000 essential features let anyone deploy a niche or multivendor, b2b, b2c, or c2c online shopping cart software.

You as a store owner could leverage the extensibility of the tool to upload unlimited number of products and scale as per your requirement. No extra or hidden charge beside what is being told in the subscription plan. For each product, a store administrator or owner can add variants and options that could compliment their purchase in the form of “What others also searched with this!” recommendations.

Store admin can create multiple levels of categories and sb-categories, define their own rules for shipping, tax calculation, email campaigning along with custom built offers and discount to targeted audience, coupon generation. Moreover, a store owner can activate the rating and review section to let the genuine buyers review their purchase and discuss the product, seller, delivery and anything else related to the product.

In a multivendor environment, membership level could be defined for the sellers appearing for the registration. Various permission, access, and membership privileges can be granted to them based on their subscribed membership. In addition to that, using Sellacious the store owner can also permit the sellers to create their own storefront in sync with the parent marketplace and showcase what all products or services they have to offer. 

Anyone looking to create an online shopping cart software to sell tickets, hold bookings, conduct auctions, or lease any commodity or property, this is an ideal platform to create one. The satisfied user can later switch to the lifetime or enterprise based on their requirement.  In the lifetime, a user can get their hands on any Joomla provided theme. Moreover, the subscribers get 1 year full support, free subscription to any of the Sellacious’s plugin. You could also install a chat widget with an auto-spell checker. The platform always has a special bend towards emphasizing on security across the platform. Thus, multi-level authentication could be activated at login/registration form for the end user. 

In addition to all the features offered in the lifetime, the enterprise has to offer a whole lot of exciting offers. The user gets scalability of 200k+ product handling, CLI based execution for the peeps with technical background, access to install advance level taxation module, discount, coupon, and shipment. In addition to that a free 12 hour configuration session, integration of backend with the AWS infrastructure, access to premium Sellacious made front-end theme, enhanced security protocols.

Sellacious is 100% open source and anyone who wished to add their own functionality can tweak into the files and get it done. In case, they want to speed up the thing and get the things done right at an economical cost, then they must reach out to the core team of Sellacious. The core team will make sure that proper solution is provided to the customer and ensure timely and iteration wise deliverable so as to keep the process transparent.