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Old Versus New Car is an intricate issue that is simplified here a little bit!

The society in which we live is divided into two segments one stands with the brand new cars, while the other one considers the new car purchase as an extravagant act and favours the used car purchase. Auto Land Motors are famous for Pre Owned or used cars for sale in Dubai from the brand Bugatti, Cadillac and Ford.

It is true that there is a mental satisfaction among the people who have got a new car, so a factor known as feeling is important for these people and they are satisfied with their decisions to go for a showroom brand new car. These people are stoic towards the malfunctioning of the machine known as car and this can be understood that their satisfaction is not moved even if their new car shows any sign of malfunction within two months.

On the other hand a person who buys a used car is satisfied with the machine even if it shows the sign of malfunction because this person thinks that end of the day he has purchased the used car and this was expected. So it can be concluded that it is totally the individuals’ choice whether one is going to prefer used car or new car.

Logical decision

Everyone has a fixed budget, but still there are few exceptional who have ample money so they do not have any issue related with the budget.

So, if you have budget then you have to go for the options that fit into that particular figure. These options could be related with the used cars or brand new cars which fits into that budget.

For some people the vehicle is not meant just for the utility but it is also symbol which is associated with the status. The factors that influence the thoughts could be extrinsic or intrinsic factors as many people want to portray themselves as an affluent, while others do not take heed on such feelings of others as they give importance to the utility.

The people who does not have much to do with the opinions of the people rather they are much satisfied with the utility over the price so there is a great chance for these individuals to go with the used cars.

The value of used cars get depreciated by thirty to thirty five percent after couple of years. So if one vehicles that is on the market cheaper by thirty to thirty five percent then why should one pay for the new one by paying extra because any vehicle’s engine is designed in such a way they can function well up to one hundred thousand kilometres. But generally a used car hardly travels ten thousand to twelve thousand kilometres in couple of years which means that still the engines is in a far good condition to perform well for long.

But the budget is the prerequisite of all because all the discussion on the options starts on the ground of it.

Tips for the car showroom

If one goes to purchase a new car model because he is passionate to get his hands on the latest version then he needs to be careful and study that which new models are going to be launched soon because this knowledge will help you in talking with the sales person at the show room as he will not be able to sell you the six months old model on a good discount and after one year you feel that you have not purchased latest one as you are watching the latest model on the road. So at least this feeling should stay with you at least for than a year if you are investing money. Come to Auto Land motors for the Cadillac Pre Owned Dubai, Ford Pre Owned Cars Dubai and Used Bugatti for Sale in Dubai!