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Boost your App Downloads And Rankings With These 8 Tips

So, you are all done with the development of your mobile app and are set to release it on app stores. In hearts of hearts, you wish your app to be a game-changer that will get millions of downloads. You have left no stone unturned from designing to testing. It is not yet the time to put your feet up. To make it all fruitful you need to launch the app with suave and loaded with a well-planned marketing strategy. Competition is tough out there, so make sure you launch your app as an exact solution to the pain points of the consumers. Only then your app will cross the stipulated threshold for downloads and consumer reviews.  

It is critical to market your mobile application in order for it to be widely available. Also, take a look at the following pointers to learn how to do things correctly. You will learn how to advertise your app and how to get good ratings, both of which can help generate profit for the app developers.

Put the app for Sale!

Today's generation is obsessed with the word "SALE" and has become so captivated with it that they are drawn to it whenever they see or hear it. As a result, offering discounts or special deals on your app when it first launches on the App Store can help you acquire more downloads.

App Store Optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) can help you gain more downloads for your app on the App Store, just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you bring more visitors to your website through search engines. All you have to do now is discover the proper keywords and compose the right description for your app so that users understand the concept and download it as quickly as possible. App developers in India may utilize any of the feel keyword researching tools.

Optimizing your social media presence

Use social media optimization as it would cost just marginally while locating the majority of the target audience there. App developers may register themselves on preferred social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Then they can follow their respective marketing trends to increase the visibility of the forthcoming app. It can be easily managed without spending a substantial amount and it has the widest reach among the potential users.

Make a connection with your customers

Once you start getting downloads for your app and people start interacting with you on Social media, it is time to reap the benefits. Responding in a timely and orderly fashion to customer queries will build trust and good rapport for your business in the market. Everyone chooses to read online reviews and listen to other people’s overviews before making the decision to download the app. They may elect to download your app if it has a high rating or score and is active in responding to user feedback.

Invest in active Blogging

Many bloggers enjoy writing app reviews, and you should reach out to them. It will be beneficial as you are set to gain more app downloads if they are willing to submit reviews for your app or app development company on their blog. Their followers will listen to or learn about your app through a credible blogger, and will most likely download it.

Decide Best App Icon and Color

Never underestimate the impact your app icon has on the users. Although small in size it can be optimized to reflect what service you are offering through subtle details. A visually appealing icon with a wise choice of color options goes a long way in setting the brand image. One of the best ways to go about making this decision is to study the icon of the top-rated apps and follow the trend. After that you may indulge in A/B testing to finalize the best solution.

Selecting Appropriate App Category

It may appear trivial and something very basic but again reaching the right target audience is the key to the success of the app. Suppose you developed a notepad app, so listing it under the Productivity category will attract more downloads than listing it under Business. App category is decided based on the core functionality and the major demographic it will serve. 

Create a How-To-Video

App Store and Google’s Play Store have an option to add a small introductory video of the app. Apart from that, you may hire a professional to assist you in making a How-To-Video so that new users can self-educate themselves in case they face some hiccups. How-To-Video can be a standalone or a series, navigating the users in a step-by-step manner through your application. Such videos are a huge success for gaming apps. Another feature you can add is multi-lingual subtitles. It will increase your customer reach and surely boost the rating of your app.

Summing Up

Following these aforementioned guidelines can help you acquire a lot of positive feedback and downloads for your app. However, you'll need a well-versed team of engineers and marketers to put these suggestions into action. So, if you have any questions, contact RV Technologies, a leading mobile app development company in India, and receive the best-suited solution.