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Health Benefits of Air Purifiers According to Science

The concern about the high levels of air pollution both indoors and outdoors has been alarmingly increasing. According to a study, indoor air is likely to be five times more polluted than outdoor air. This is because the air inside does not get circulated as much as the air outside, which results in several airborne contaminants continuing to thrive indoors. Considering this, using an air purifier indoors is no more a luxury but a necessity. 


Eliminates Dust and Allergens:

Tobacco smoke, pet odour, dust and allergens are the reasons for serious allergic reactions in many people as they produce lgE in the body. Such reactions can cause red skin, spots, and many such effects. An air purifier helps in eliminating all these allergens and dust from home. It cleans the indoor air and prevents harmful particles from spreading in the air. 

Removes Triggers for Asthma Attacks:

The root cause of Asthma is at our homes only. There are many indoor contaminants that trigger Asthma; this includes carbon monoxide, dirt, pet dander, smoke from cooking, perfumes, hairsprays, and many more. A purifier with a HEPA filter removes all these dangerous particles from the air, ensuring pure air. Asthma patients can feel more at ease once these triggers are eliminated from the indoor atmosphere. 


Prevents Lung Diseases:

Tobacco smoke not only harms the lungs of the person consuming it but also harms people who are around that smoke. Air purifiers remove the tobacco smoke from the air and let your family members breathe in pure air. 


In general, cigarette smoke particle ranges around 4 to .01 microns, and an air purifier being a smart appliance holds the capability to remove all these particles and make the air pure to breathe in.. This means that most of the contaminated smoke gets trapped  from your home and ensure that your family remains free from airborne diseases  In addition to this, such air purifiers also use activated carbon and HEPA filter for  purification. 


Eradicates Radon:

Around 15,000 to 20,000 lung cancer deaths are related to radon gas. Radon enters the house through broken walls and floors, construction gaps around service pipes, sump pits, and electrical wires. Air purifiers suck these harmful gases from the air around and prevent diseases like lung cancer. 


Reduces Carbon Dioxide Present in Air:

An increased amount of carbon dioxide can be a cause of headaches, dizziness, weakness, loss of mental abilities, nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, aand many more illnesses. Having an air purifier can reduce the carbon dioxide level inside your house and help you breathe fresh air. 


Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Polluted air disturbs an uninterrupted sleep schedule as the contaminated air can cause discomfort for you and it may even smell. With an air purifier filtering the air around of all contaminants, you can breathe in fresh air, which gives you a good sleep. 


To sum up, considering all these benefits, we can conclude that an air purifier with a HEPA filter is a boon to every house in this era of increased levels of indoor air pollution. If you desire for a safe haven that is well-protected from seasonal allergies caused by dust mites, mould spores and pollen, then a real HEPA air purifier is the right choice you can make. This ensures a healthy environment for you and your family.