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Top tips for Hajj travel

For a majority of Muslims, being able to perform Hajj is only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thus, when preparing for the holy journey, one might feel overwhelmed i.e., what to take, what to leave, and what to know about hajj packages? Yet, at the same time, one must always travel with proper planning and budgeting so that an efficient and safe hajj experience can be ensured. Since a lot of pilgrims are also traveling for the very first time, confusion is a major problem for them. 

So, here are some of the top tips for hajj travel.

Be organized.

Whether you are preparing for your departure to the holy kingdom or you are already present in Haramain, always remain organized. For instance;

•    Checking your documents and keeping multiple copies of every single of them with you. 
•    Avoid overpacking; only travel with your essentials.
•    Pre-booking your hotel accommodation and flights and checking in beforehand.  
•    Keeping every item of your need separately packed yet accessible at all times. 
In this regard, one should make a list of things that he/she is bringing along in the kingdom, thus, having a checklist to refer to when it's time to return home.  

Follow local rules and regulations.

Though you are a hajj pilgrim, one should always remember that the local rules and regulations are imposed on everyone present in Saudia Arabia. Therefore, it’s better to educate yourself on the practices which are permissible as well as the activities prohibited there. Co-operate with the security personnel there and if asked to verify your identity, don’t make a big deal out of it. In fact, from the hotel you are staying in to the transportation you are using; abide by every single one of their rules and regulations. 

Take good care of your Health and Diet.

It’s significantly essential to keep yourself healthy during your hajj stay because you can’t risk falling ill when you are on the holy pilgrimage. For this reason, eat clean and healthy; rely on natural/organic diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole-grain, and fiber-rich foods. In addition, keep your body hydrated keeping in view the hot weather conditions of Makkah. For a quick energy boost (while performing the holy rituals) always carry some snacks and energy bars, in case you feel energy drained.

Spend most of your time in Supplication.

Remember that you’ve come here for the sole purpose of pleasing Allah Almighty and asking him for your forgiveness. Thus, spend most of your time in supplication of Allah almighty; perform Dhikr, offer Salah on time, Recite the Holy Quran and take part in charitable events. Don’t indulge yourself in matters that don’t concern you and avoid quarreling with others. Instead, even if someone bothers you forgive and forget.

These are some of the necessary travel tips for your Hajj pilgrimage.