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essay topics one must practice to ace their essay writing skills

Essay writing is all about imagination blend with rationality. Many students write their assignment essays themselves, while others hire essay writers to perfect their grades in exams. Though essay writing might seem easy, one needs a lot of effort and creation to make it appealing in the audience's eyes. However, there are some general rules to write essays, but it always helps to write essays on some impactful topics to measure and ace the writing skills. Therefore, below are some of the compelling topics that interest readers in reading about and helps the writers to perfect their write-up.

  1. Women and their status in society women

 and their situation worldwide has been quite a controversial topic since history. There are various views and examples of some influential people whose contribution can be counted to strengthen the write-up. You might even pay for essay to the feminist organization to gather facts for the ongoing scenario about women of the world.

  1. Ongoing pandemic 

This is one of the most' talked about' news these days. Not a day passes without discussing or thinking about the current and future scopes in this situation of Covid-19. So, you can write about the ideas to generate opportunities and maintain a work-life balance in Covid-19.

  1. Terrorism 

Even after years of independence, various countries are fighting to overtake the boundaries of some other country. So, you can talk about the control measures to avoid terrorism and war.

  1. Assignment loads in institutions

Students are buried under excessive assignment pressure and do not get time for outdoor activities. So, you can hint at them about university assignment helper and talk about the importance of physical activities for students.

  1. LGBT community

Even after the legalization of identical sex marriages, these people, along with transgender and bisexuals, are still suffering from 'moral policing'. You can write about their rights and privileges and spread awareness on how it is completely okay to be born in this community.

  1. Morality

Various people or communities are still bullied and tormented in the name of morality. But the only morality one should cater to is 'humanism.' So, you must depict how morality can have different meanings for different people, and no one should look down on the other. 

  1. Repercussions of plagiarism

It is more than expected to have unintentional plagiarism in essays. However, you can enlighten people about the usages of plagiarism checker and the adverse effects of copied works. 

  1. 'Stop' glorifying overwork.

Several people suffer from sleep deficiency and mental syndrome due to the excessive work in their organizations and institutions. So, you can suggest to students about Matlab assignment help, math assignment help, etc., as per their subjects. Also, should talk about maintaining balance in life, and overwork is nothing to be proud of. Therefore, one shall never encourage it. 

  1. Career options

These might be some of the 'most read' topics in your essays. So, research and get information about various career opportunities in different subjects and let people know about it.

  1. Role of media

Many media persons and news channels have forgotten the basic ethics of news coverage and stoop low for TRP's. So, you must write about the independence, personal lives, and media is none to pass judgment on anyone until proven guilty. Give examples as well.

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