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QuickBooks Error 1328 And The Procedures You Can Implement

QuickBooks Error 1328 can take place when you install or uninstall QuickBooks. You’re likely to face this error when you repair or update QuickBooks to the newest maintenance release. A number of reasons can trigger this error, and you’re likely to execute multiple steps to fix this error. However, a well-guided implementation can reduce your burden. To do that, read the blog carefully so that you can understand this error in-depth.

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Reasons For Error 1328 In QuickBooks Desktop 

Many factors can lead to error 1328 in QuickBooks. You must understand all of these reasons carefully, as diagnosing them correctly can help you decide on an effective solution. Some of the standard causes are given below:

1. Wrong system configuration. 
2. Incorrect installation process. 
3. Some interruptions in the network during the download or installation process of QuickBooks. 
4. The wrong installation process of QuickBooks can give rise to this error.  

You can go to the next section that’ll cover the procedures that can fix this error easily.

Procedures To Fix QuickBooks Installation Error 1328 

You can endeavor numerous methods to resolve this error. Make sure to execute the measures as per the reason for your error. To quickly fix this error, go through the steps that are discussed below:

Procedure 1: Reinstall QuickBooks 

You can take some simple measures to reinstall QuickBooks using the Clean Install. Go through the steps discussed below:

1. Uninstall QuickBooks, and then you can clean install QuickBooks. 
2. You can clean install the QuickBooks through two methods. 
3. One of the ways is through the installation CD directly. 
4. Another way is to get it done through a download file. 

Move to the next set of steps if these measures can’t fix your error.

Procedure 2: Find And Rename The Config.msi File 

As soon as the error strikes, one of the first measures you can implement is to rename the config.msi file. Do the measures given below:

1. Find the config.msi file. You can notice this file in the C: drive. 
2. You can now double-click on the file, and a drop-down should appear. 
3. Choose Rename from the drop-down. 
4. Now, take the cursor to the end of the filename and add .old at the end. 
5. Press Enter to save the changes. 
6. You can hide the protected files one more time. 


QuickBooks Error 1328 is an easy to fix error with the steps that are stated in this blog. Make sure to read the reasons that are given in this blog. Also, execute the procedures in this blog with perfection. With this understood, you can fix this error quickly. 
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