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How can you get Vintage Coins such as the German 5 Reichspfennig?

The old and vintage collectible items have always intrigued most people around the world. Some of the individuals have quite a passion for collecting various antique items and things. The vintage items are reminiscent of a bygone era and hold a symbolic value.

Types of Collectible Items

Many of the antique things even value a fortune and can get you hundreds of Dollars if you auction them. Some of the popular vintage items that people have a passion for collecting include

  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Paper currency
  • Calendars
  • First edition books
  • Movie poster
  • Autographs and postcards
  • Pens and paint brushes
  • Clocks

A young kid has a curiosity and desire to collect coins and engage in numismatic art. Coins represent different historical backgrounds, and some of the vintage coins are even hard to get.

What makes the 5 5 Reichspfennig so unique?

One such coin is the zinc 1940 German 5 Reichspfennig, which was minted from 1940 to 1944 and replaced the previous bronze and aluminum version with a distinctive gold color. The 5 Reichspfennig is made entirely from zinc, has a diameter of 18 mm, and weighs almost 25 gram.

The 5 Reichspfennig is a rare World War 2 coin minted in Germany from 1940 to 1944. The 5 Reichspfennig was worth 0.5 Reichsmark. The value of the coin is analyzed from two factors, first the physical metal and second it's numismatic value.

Most of the vintage coins that are regarded as high value are made of gold and silver. The coin's physical metal is also known as the ‘bullion value’ of the coin that can be calculated by multiplying the spot price per ounce and the number of ounces of the metal in the coin.

On the other hand, the numismatic value is quite hard to predict and determine compared to the bullion value. The place where the coin was minted also determines the value of the vintage coin. Getting a rare artifact such as a World War 2 coin can be pretty hard to get, but there are some online stores where one can get a rare coin, such as the 1940 German 5 Reichspfennig.


The 5 Reichspfennig is a distinctive coin because it is an emergency issue type similar to coins named zinc 10 and 1 Reichspfennig and the aluminum 60 Reichspfennig. The online collectible stores offer many different vintage items from numerous coins, old currencies, and antique stamps.

One can easily make an online account, add the collectible coins to the cart, and have them delivered to the doorstep within 5 to 7 days.