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In the land of maple leaves, there are many restaurants to choose from when trying out Indian food. The best part is, they all have very delicious menu options. The authentic Indian food with home-cooked taste makes the menu options top-notch. 

When you search for Indian Tiffins near me, there would be many restaurants that come up. We try to dig deep into the home taste food to get the best value for your money. The below-listed options would help you look for the best in Indian meals.

The below-listed options would help you look for the best in Indian meals.

Mixed Tiffin Meal:

This home-style home-cooked meal combines the deliciousness of the single tiffin with a tasty variety of dishes, making it an overall fulfilling meal. The menu options are similar to home meals but with some variation.

This meal includes the Indian famous curries like Rajma, Chana Masala, Kadi Pakora, Achari Chaap, Shahi Paneer, and the famous Punjabi Sarson ka Saag, a vegetable( usually dry veg), some rice, home-style flatbread ( typically rotis, parathas), along with pickles, home-style yoghurt, and a sweet dish. The menu options vary from restaurant to restaurant, but the typical home taste attracts people to this meal. This meal is a whole meal with an ample amount of protein and carbs required for a day, all in one.


Parantha is one of the most loved and famous home foods of North India. It is one of the most popular tiffins in India. It is a flatbread stuffed with a mixture of mashed potatoes and different types of spices. Parathas can be eaten with home-style yoghurt, pickles, chutneys or the classic home taste - home taste food. One can choose the filling they want from the various options like potato(aloo), cauliflower(gobhi), Cheese(Indian cottage paneer). The parantha is considered to be a filling meal. Because a parantha has a vegetable filling, it is also a nutritional meal.

Aloo Poori Halwa

Aloo poori halwa is a Punjabi home food which is a famous breakfast. Mostly cooked on the festival day in a traditional Indian home. Aloo Poori Halwa, if made correctly, can be excellent and tasty. This home food consists of various ingredients like fried onion, boiled, mashed potato gravy served with poori ( a fried bread), and pickle. Halwa is a sweet made with Suji, and nuts are added to it for a crispy taste. Children love to carry it in their tiffins to school.

Chole Bhature:

Chole Bhature is a home food from Punjab and is served in most of the home eateries(Dhaba) in Punjab. They are somewhat similar to Aloo/poori, with one primary difference that instead of potato gravy, it is served with Chole (chickpeas gravy), cooked with aromatic Indian spices. The dough of the Bhatura is fermented to give it its typical flavor. The Chole Bhature is eaten hot and crispy with green chutney, pickle, and onions, and it melts in the mouth. Chole Bhature is loved equally by both adults and children. A glass of sweet lassi with this dish is like the best thing ever!

Indian Snacks:

A home classic! This includes tea-time snacks and quick bites for filling that hunger in between the main meals. One can order masala tea, Ginger tea, and homemade Indian Lassi, which everyone loves. All of this can be enjoyed with some mouth-watering snacks like samosa (variety of choice), Mix veg pakora( bhaji), Paneer pakora, Bread Pakora, Soya Chaap, etc. Aloo Tikki chaat is to die for! It has potatoes (aloo), sev, home-made curd (Indian Dahi), tamarind chutney (Imli chutney), and topped with chaat masala. Enjoy these snacks on a perfect rainy day or a cold wintry night with loved ones at home!


Though Indian cuisine is very vast, some dishes are popular all over the country. You will find most of the above tiffin options in restaurants near your home that serve Indian food. For some awesome Chole Bhature, you can visit HOME TASTE in Canada.