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Know The Quick Ways To Resolve QuickBooks Error H202

One of the errors that can hamper your workflow in a significant way is QuickBooks Error H202. You can get this error when you switch the hosting mode from single-user to multi-user mode. Error H202 in QuickBooks indicates that the application has malfunctioned. It can also mean as a fact that specific supporting components are blocking QuickBooks from working in multi-user mode. Read this blog carefully if you wish to resolve this error efficiently. 

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Reasons For QuickBooks Error Code H202

A bunch of reasons can trigger this error. One single cause is not entirely responsible for this error. A number of factors in combination can also lead to this error. Go through the points given below:

1. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is corrupt or damaged. 

2. Wrong DNS settings like incorrect DNS server address. 

3. QBCFMonitor is not running. 

4. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is not running on PC

With the reasons known, it’s better that you move to the following section that’ll cover the solutions involved. 

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error Message H202

You can try numerous methods to resolve this error with ease. However, focus on implementing only those solutions that can fix the reason for your error. To do that, read the methods stated below. 

Method 1: Host The Company File On Local Storage

Hosting the company file on local storage can resolve this error quickly. You can follow the measures stated below:

1. Open QuickBooks and Product Information screen. 

2. Below the Local Server Information, click on Hosting to reflect the local files only. 

3. Verify that no other computer in the network attempts to open the same company file. 

With these measures known, you can now try the next solution if these measures don’t fix your error. 

Method 2: Add The Server To The Host File 

Adding the server to the host file can allow Windows to recognize the device. This will enable QuickBooks to access the company file saved on the server. To do this, you can go through the measures stated below:

1. You can use Notepad to access the windows hosts file facing the error. 

2. The host file is present in the C drive.

3. You can open Notepad as admin if required. 

4. Type the server’s IP address after the last IP address.

5. You can hit the Tab key and type the server name. It’s possible to do this from the File menu and then you can click on Save. 

6. Now, press Exit. 

7. Open the company file to see if the error is done. 


You can quickly fix QuickBooks Error H202 provided you understand the cause for your error. To know the correct cause for your error, make sure to read the reasons listed in this blog. Implement the measures as per the cause of your error. Also, make sure to perform all the troubleshooting steps correctly.
If you want more professional support or assistance, you can easily connect with the professional team of QuickBooks at 1.800.579.0391.