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Best GBA Emulators For Windows PC And Android

GBA stands for Game Boy Advance and is developed, manufactured, and marketed by Nintendo. A highlighted feature that emulators offer is it allows you to play all your favorite GBA games on your PC. Let’s have a look at the best GBA emulator, Windows 10. With these emulators available, users can easily play the game that they desire at any time they want. 

Best GBA Emulators for windows:

Here are a few best emulators that are available for your android and windows with which you can play GBA games. We are sharing with you a few ‘best windows GBA emulators’.  


1. My Boy
One of the best GBA emulators that are available for android users. It offers users various features like keyboard customization, controlling the speed of the game, and cheat codes. The features in this emulator are advanced and help you to save games at any time that you desire. The disadvantage found in this emulator is you will have to pay for the full version. 


2. mGBA
The first GBA Emulator Windows is the mGBA which provides users with various additional features. It has a user-friendly interface with advanced-level features in it. A huge catalog of GBA games is available with cheat codes. 


3. Higan GBA
This GBA Emulator is for PC users so that they can access games on their PC. To set up this emulator is not difficult at all but in a few games, there is a bit of audio lag. 


4. GBA.emu emulator
One Best GBA Emulator is it has different features like quick saves, cheat codes, and also hardware controller support. Yet there is no free version still it consists of advanced features. 


Does everyone have this doubt like what GBA emulator should I use? Which is the best one? Know that all the emulators that you see are not good, so users before trying any emulators with proper research done. 

The list of emulators mentioned here has gone through proper testing and so these games will run without crashing.


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