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How to Create Rules In Gmail?

Hola! Do you want to create rules on Gmail? Creating rules on Gmail simply means optimizing Gmail accounts using the Gmail filters. Gmail filter is one of its best features to let users manage their emails at their convenience. The Gmail filter helps to archive, label, star, delete, check and forward emails automatically. Stick to the end of this article to know how to create filters in Gmail


Steps to Create Gmail Rules from Existing Emails 

1. Open a web browser and visit to create rules in Gmail. 
2. Go to the email(s) you wish to edit and click on the box next to it.
3. Now, click on the “More” option (three dotes lines from the menu bar) and select Filter messages like these.
4. Select the options you wish to create a filter with. 
5. Click on the create filter option. If you wish to see how it works, select the search option next to “create filter” on the email. 


Steps to Create Gmail Rules from Scratch 

1. Open your Gmail account using a web browser and go to the search mail bar to export the Gmail filter. 
2. Click on the search mail drop-down arrow and click on the email criteria you wish to apply. 
a. Subject: You can specify a part of the text or the whole subject line.
b. To: You can specify recipients.
c. From You can select emails from senders.
d. Size: All the filter messages depend on a baseline, allowing either fewer or greater emails.
e. Has the words: select specific words to be found in filter messages.
f. Date: Select the date (sent messages).
g. Don’t include chats: it applies rules to emails only, excluding chats. 
h. Has attachments: It enables you to apply rules to only those emails which include attachments. 
3. Select create filter option and click on the search option to check how the filter works or later edit the Gmail filter. 
4. Now, select email filter options and hit the “create filter” option. 

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