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How To Download Netflix Movies without Netflix App?

There is an app for watching Netflix, through which you can watch all the movies and series legally. So if you are having confusion regarding its downloading techniques, then you have come to the right place. We will help you to download the content from the Netflix app without any installation of extra apps. More to say about this is that even without downloading the Netflix app. 


Download with Flixicam:

You can see plenty of apps that access you to record the videos on Netflix for free. But the quality of audio and video cannot match the Flixicam. Just by copying and pasting the link, users will be able to download Netflix videos. By having this FlixiCam alone, you will be able to download all the contents that are in Netflix. 


Why Flixicam?

Thus without any Netflix video downloader, we are going to download the content. The reason we prefer this FlixiCam the most is that it does not compromise the quality of video or audio. The video quality it offers is HD level quality and the sound is well-preserved. It also tracks the audio and subtitles of each content automatically while downloading.  
Once the downloading process gets complete, open the content in the VLC media player and watch the content. 


How to Download the Netflix Content with FlixiCam?

The question of how to watch Netflix out of the app will be solved just with a few steps given below. 
Step 1: Go to and then to login to Netflix, you will have to type anything on the search box.

Step 2: By clicking the settings icon, open the general settings and adjust the output settings. 

Step 3: Then enter the video name that you want to watch in the search box and now all the results related to that will appear on the screen. 

Step 4: After that go to the advanced download settings to select audio track and subtitle as your preference. 

Step 5: Finally, hit on the download option to start downloading the content. 
Without any Netflix video downloader online availability, users can easily access and download the content.


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