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How do I recover an email that disappeared?

AOL users have claimed that they could not check out their old mail now. Even after looking at all mails and searching the keyword users are unable to find it. Also, users assure that they did not delete it by any chance. So in this, you will be reading about the ‘AOL mail disappear how to restore permanently’.

How to fix AOL mail that disappeared from the mailbox?

Check the filter settings:

It doesn’t matter whether your account is old or new, there are high chances that the missing emails are due to the filtered emails set by you.

Follow the methods given below to check if it is due to it.

Step 1: First you will have to log in to your AOL account and then click on the options. After that, you will have to select the mail settings from the different options.

Step 2: Now you will have to click on the option ‘filters’ to visit it and then review if any emails have been filtered. If you can see any filters, delete them immediately. Thus, ‘AOL mail missing emails’ can be restored into your AOL accounts.

Check the folders like delete, spam:

Sometimes, unknowingly we tend to make mails to move into delete folders or spam folders. If that is the case, you can restore the emails by following the methods that are given below.

Step 1: You will have to log in to your AOL account and then visit the trash or delete folders.

Step 2: If you find any of the mails in the list, select them and click on the option ‘actions’, and then select the option where you want this particular mail to remain.

For further clarification, users can visit the blogging website called emailspedia.com. All the queries and doubts that you have related to your email can be solved once you read all the tricks and techniques provided.