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A Favorite On Kids' Menus Nationwide Deep Fried Twinkies

Twinkies just found a whole new reason for existing and it's called deep frying. Bigger and creamier than any deep-fried treats you've ever seen before. Stack them up and pile on whipped cream and Chocolate Frosting for an epic dessert cake experience that will wow your mouth, your family, and your friends. In short, they're not really Twinkies, they're the better version. The deep fried ones!

Deep fried Twinkies is the tastiest way to start the day. No, seriously. You haven't lived until you've had a deep-fried sugary doughnut dipped in cinnamon frosting and caramel sauce. Boom! The creaminess of everyone’s favorite cake, surrounded by a light and airy batter that is fried to absolute crispy perfection. The end result is pure satisfaction with every bite. It's a sin-fully delicious dessert brought to you from the back roads of Kansas. Sure, many of your friends will talk about its sinful indulgence and these babies taste too good for that!

Think of these deep fried Twinkies as clouds for your mouth.

This is the best snack you’ve never had. Seriously, if eaten in moderation—preferably with a dipping sauce or two on the side deep fried twinkies are equivalent to a decadent handcrafted dessert from an expensive French restaurant. They’re crispy and light on the outside, but awkwardly soft and fluffy on the inside. Addictively crunchy peanut butter jelly crystals form a shell that delivers another level of textural delight when punctured by a plastic fork or coffee stirrer en route to your lips. Make no mistake about it: this craze has been sweeping across the nation.

What time is perfect to serve deep-fried Twinkies?

Twinkies are great anytime of day, but they taste even better when you get them fresh out of the fryer. The deep fried Twinkies pack a punch of sugary flavor that makes any occasion feel like a party. These are so decadent, they'll make you forget all about your diet until next week. What's inside? Why, delicious cream filling of course.

What are Twinkies Made Of?

We know, you love your Twinkies and we do too. What’s not to love? The gooey center is a mouthwatering mix of cream filling made from Grade AA eggs and careful hands doing the scooping alongside some premium French confectioners sugar. That's all before it's bathed in a rich golden crust that will make any fried food connoisseur bite their lip as they take that first bite. But now, deep fried Twinkies are here to let us indulge our desire for these sweet treats without the guilt! 

How To Deep Fry Frozen Twinkies?

For those who love the soft fluffy texture of a Twinkie but crave something even richer, now there's deep fried Twinkies. Get ready for your favorite sponge cake treat with a twist! Deep fryers are used to cook this recipe of all-American snack favorites. Once it's nice and crispy on the outside, you'll be ready to indulge in some very healthy amounts of trans fat. 

This treat is perfect for your next picnic, ball game, tailgate party, or board meeting. All you need to do is head on over to the nearby grocery store and pick up a five-pack. Each Twinkie comes doused in an exquisite batter made with Crumb’s Deep Fried Twinkies Mix  that holds it together during its brief (yet heavenly) low-temperature fry time. 

These crispy, golden brown chunks of deliciousness that will leave you feeling fulfilled knowing you had a hand in making something awesome. You can't beat the crispy edges when these little guys are deep fried and served with ice cream - they're the ultimate delicious summer snack!

How to store deep fried Twinkies for a few days?

Well, you can use a wicker basket or jar. That's all. Moisture in snacks may cause mold growth, which in turn makes them harmful for consumption. Hence storing fried foods in airtight containers/jars is ideal at all times to avoid  such problems.

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