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Best ways to get instant traffic to your website


Are you thinking of how to get traffic to your website for free? If yes, then I suggest this content for you. I will guide you on how you can get instant traffic on your blog website withing this year and 2022.

Here are the 15 ways to quickly generate instant traffic to your website

1. Create Facebook account:

This is one of the most best ways to get instant traffic to your blog website. With this method, you will need to share your articles on Facebook groups. If possible, you can create your own group. Aside gaining traffic from facebook, it will help you to advertise your blog to others.

2. Your website speed:

Most beginners think that making your website nice keeps people on their blog. But the truth is that when your website do not load faster, users move to different blogs to get help. According to research, it is said that viewers leave from your blog when it load more than 3 seconds. Your average web speed should be 3 seconds or less. If it is more than 3 seconds, then you can use WP cache plugins or other plugins to help your web speed load faster.

3. Limit the number of ads on your website

In this world, alomost everyone hate ads. In some case, whenver your readers want to read an article and if they find out that there are so many popups, they may switch to other blogs. We are saying this because we want your readers to come back after they read your content. If your content or article is loaded with bunch of ads and popups, they will not attempt to check on your blog. Research proves that putting many ads on your blog website affect your website SEO since it will hurt your website to load slowly. My dear, if you are using Google ads, Ezoic ads or any kind of advert programs on your blog, make sure that you limit them.

4. Share your content on Pinterest:

Pinterest is very popular. It receives over one million visitors per month. So the question here is? Since Pinterest is for image sharing, how can we drive traffic from it? It is simple as ABC. Follow the steps below

  1. Get a higher quality image from pixel or canva and edit them
  2. After, Pin the image and add description
  3. Add your website link which is related to that image
  4. Share your pin to other pages

5. Quora

Most pro bloggers are making lot of sales and traffic from Quora. With quora, all what you need to do is to share your ideas with your link. Answer questions which is related to your blog post and after, direct them to your blog.

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I hope these tips will help after you read them. Goodluck