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Relish Twinkies and Oreos With A Deep Fry Coat

It is no secret that Americans are fixated on Twinkies and Oreos and since the introduction of these has come up with the twist of frying at the fairs, the love for them has increased by leaps and bounds. While Twinkies remind us of simpler times when funnel cakes were the only pastry-like taste delicacy, Oreos are the 21st-century version of the yummy chocolaty flavor, mostly preferred by kids.

In this blog post, we will give you the instant recipe to prepare the Deep Fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Oreos using minimal ingredients and culinary activity. Serve these magical snacks at any time and any occasion as these can go to satisfy the craving for crunchy, fried as well as sweet. Have them as desserts or use them while you are binge-watching, they will satisfy your soul at a much deeper level than you expect.

Ingredients Required To Prepare the Batter

A fried snack is incomplete without that uber-delicious outer coat that has the perfect crisp. This comes with an inch-perfect batter selection and layer coating. For making your Twinkies and Oreos fry at their best with the minimum time consumption, you would need the following ingredients-

    • Deep-Fried Twinkies Mix  from Crumbs Carnival Treats (or whichever pleases you)
    • Deep-Fried Oreos Mix from Crumbs Carnival Treats (or whichever pleases you)
    • Vegetable Oil 
    • Water
    • Confectioner’s Sugar (Optional)

Ready-To-Go Deep Fried Twinkies and Oreos

# 1. Prepare Batter - Put the instant batter mixes in two separate bowls, mix water slowly until all the lumps are dissolved to a fine batter consistency. The layer should be perfect as a coat on your Twinkies and Oreos. 
2. Prepare for Frying - Pour vegetable oil into the frying pan. It should be four to six inches above its surface. Heat it on a medium flame until the temperature reaches 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Time For Climax - Dip the Oreos and Twinkies in their respective batter one by one, putting them straight into the hot oil. These will turn into golden brown in a few seconds. 
4. Garnish and Relish - There are multiple ways of adding more taste to these sweet snacks. For adding a gentle sugary taste, roll them on confectioner’s sugar. You can have them with a Nutella dip or frozen fruits. These taste awesome with a scoop of ice cream or a topping of your favourite chocolate sauce.

People can opt for other frying oil as well but only on one condition that its smoke point should not be less than 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, keep in mind that the change of oil will also alter the taste of the dish.

What makes Deep Fried Oreos and Deep Fried Twinkies special?

Deep Fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Oreos are known for their melt-in-mouth textures which are pleasing to the taste buds with their delicious vanilla cream filling. The crunchy twist of the pancake batter doubles the taste and it feels as if you are on unadulterated goodness for yourself in every single bite that you make. 

These bites of delight give you oozes of the magical crunch on the outside and sweet soft cream filling inside. Go back to the childhood country fair vibes every time you serve these to your palates.

How is Homemade pancake batter different from the instant batter mix of Deep Fried Twinkies and Oreos?

Both taste equally amazing and the difference generally lies in their preparation time. While the homemade batter takes a lot of your time, the instant batter mix for deep fried Twinkies and deep fried Oreos makes the entire recipe right on your plates within 10 minutes. 

Some people who are very specific about taste would find the homemade batter more enjoyable as there is the scope of adding inch-perfect quantities of ingredients that tempts your tongue but to kill instant hunger pangs, nothing beats best than the instant Deep Fried Oreos and Deep Fried Twinkies batter mixes from