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Pure Encapsulations Multivitamin

Wow! It's a long post, guys. This is a long one, guys. Ha! A supplement post was requested. This is especially true after the unfortunate acquisition of Pure Encapsulations and Douglas Labs by Nestle last month. This is just a sign that it's time for me to make some changes in my game. Although I was shocked by the news, I don't believe in complacency, and there are many other great brands pure encapsulations multivitamin.

Quick aside on my supplement philosophy:

It can be summarized in two words: Food First. Food is my belief that it is the foundation of good health. Today's world is filled with chemicals that are used on food and over-farming. The soil has fewer nutrients than it used to. Supplements are here to help. Supplements can fill in the gaps and help us get back on track.

You'll also see the terms DRI or RDA. RDA is the Recommended Daily Allowance and refers to the minimum amount that we need to live. DRI stands for Dietary Reference Intake. It took RDA's place, but it is still the minimum amount that we need to live.

The CDC conducted a 2016 study and found that only 16% of Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables. This is half the amount needed for optimal health. We are actually lower than 16%. The first step is to eat more fruits and vegetables. First, eat. The second would be to include supplements. Even if we get the best nutrition from our food, which is less than 16% for most people, supplements are many reasons. These include stress, refined foods and alcohol, caffeine, toxins, age, and toxins. These factors can cause our bodies to lose the necessary vitamins and minerals that we need for growth.

Nestle bought one of my favorite supplement brands, and I'm writing this post because of it. Quality is the most important thing. Only through research and questions can you determine quality. All supplements are questioned. What are their raw materials? Are they synthetic or natural? Do they offer third-party testing for all products to verify what is in the development and the correct amounts?

Here are the things I do every day and why.

Multi-Vitamin I believe that even if we eat well, there are still holes in our vitamin and mineral game. There are many options out there. I currently take Designs For Health Twice Daily. I love it a lot. After I finish this bottle, I will take MegaFoodsMulti for Women. Designs for health contains more B vitamins than others. It also has high-gamma mixedtocos (an antioxidant form of vitamin E) and alpha-lipoic acids (another antioxidant that helps fight inflammation). It comes in a vegetarian capsule, so it must be taken with food. MegaFoods' formula includes K1, K2, iron, and choline. It's food-based, which means it's made from natural foods. This makes it more bioavailable to the body. I would be interested to see if there is any difference. I will try to remember to include a follow-up here within a month or so.

VitaminD - Also called the "sunshine vitamins," this vitamin helps with immunity, bone health, and mood disorders. Always take vitamin D3. To determine if you are deficient or not, I recommend that you have your fasting blood test during your annual visit with your general practitioner. Up to 80% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D. I consume 5,000 IU in winter (suns out less) and 2,000 IU during the warmer months. I love Apex Energetics, Thorne Research, and D/K2 (K2 is down to aid bone health).
Digestive enzymes - These enable us to absorb more vitamins and minerals. They also help to break down proteins and fats that may be more difficult to digest than others. They help treat IBS, leaky gut, and acid reflux. Enzymedica Digest Gold or Apex Energetics EnzymixPro genestra probiotic.

Probiotics The gut bugs balance the good and bad bacteria in our stomachs. They are great for our immune system, mood disorders, and brain health. Some evidence suggests that they can be used as a supplement to kill bugs once they reach our stomachs. These cases are not yet strong. However, these cases aren't strong enough to prove that they are still viable food sources for the good bacteria that live in our guts. I love Klaire Labs T-Biotic Complete and MegaFoods SuperFlora. I take between 50 and 100 billion, depending on the day. If you're just starting out, stick with 10-25 billion, and work your way up if necessary.

Omega-3/Fish Oil I wrote this blog post about Seed Cycling when I struggled with severe adult acne. If you have any hormonal imbalances or skin problems, this is a great read. I found the supplement cycle section of this program to be beneficial. The supplement cycle portion of the program stuck with me from days 1-14 (days 1 through 14 of bleeding, the day before ovulation). This helps with cell communication, lower inflammation, and especially balance estrogen and progesterone. I love Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.

Evening Primrose oil Days 15-28 (first day of ovulation today before bleeding) I take 500mg GLA. Some recommend that you take it from days 1-14. You can take it all month if you wish. Barlean's Evening Primrose oil caps and Metagenics OmegaGenics Evening Primrose are my favorites. These oils can be used to treat PMS, cramps, fertility, hormone balance, weight loss, and even fertility.

B Complex - Vitamin B can improve your mood, energy, stress management, and overall health. Apex Energetics Super B-zyme, The Basic B Complex, and MegaFoods Balancing B Complex are my favorites. You should take them together as one B (i.e., Without the other B12, the balance can be thrown off.

Magnesium/Calcium These two minerals work best together. They love to combine the two minerals, and when one is taken, it takes the other. Magnesium is one of those minerals that gets depleted when we exercise too hard, stress excessively, or drink too much. Magnesium is also great for muscle relaxation and sleep. I prefer Natural Vitality Magnesium Calm With Calcium. I consume about 1/2 teaspoon. I take 500mg (or 1/2 tbsp) each night in 6 ounces of warm liquid. Warning: If you have loose stool, don't take magnesium. Most forms of magnesium can cause laxative effects.
DHEA, I have stopped taking these but wanted to keep them. DHEA is one of the hormones that I had low levels of due to adrenal fatigue. For 6-9 months, I was taking 5mg of DHEA daily. Then, I stopped taking them. My blood tests show that my levels have increased. These are excellent for building muscles, relieving muscle pain, fatigue, and reducing skin inflammation. It is a hormone, so I strongly recommend that you not take it until you have had a urine or blood test to determine your levels. It will be Apex Energetics or Integration Therapeutics DHEA if you decide to take it.
Biotin- Also known as B7, this vitamin is excellent for maintaining hair, skin, and nails. I add more to it because it is low in b complex formulas. I like Thorne Biotin-8.
Additional Supplements that I like:

Ubiquinol/CoQ10 Ubiquinol, an active form of CoQ10, is the active component of the enzyme CoQ10. It is known as the "anti-aging ally." It's a powerful antioxidant that benefits the heart, blood pressure, nervous systems, and many other areas. I recommend starting with 50 to 200 mg per day. I love Apex Energetics Co10 active liquid and Integrative Therapy UBQH-50.
Zinc is great for immune function and skin health. Begin with 15-20 mg per day with food. I like Thorne Zinc Picolinate.
L Glutamine – This amino acid is the most common in our bloodstream. It is a great way to burn fat, build muscle, heal the gut lining, and aid those suffering from cravings or addictions. Start between 2-5 grams daily. To control glutamine buildup in the body, it is best to take your B-complex with you. I prefer Klaire Labs HTML-Glutamine and Thorne Research HTML-Glutamine.
Turmeric -- You must have been living under a rock to not know that this is great for fighting inflammation. Most people don't realize that turmeric's active ingredient, curcumin (or black pepper), is most effective when present in the mix. It's also beneficial for immunity and liver function. I love Apex Energetics Turbo-XL Active (liquid) and MegaFoods Turmeric For Whole Body (though their Liver, Joint formulas are also great). I would consume at least 400mg or 800mg daily.
Milk Thistle- There are so many toxins in the world today that almost everyone would benefit from liver support. I like Thorne Research Siliphos.